2019 Dog Calendar!
We are so super proud to present the 2019 Smoking Gun Dog Calendar! We
asked for cute pup pictures, and you guys delivered BIG TIME!

A couple of notes about the calendars:

Man do we wish we could have used all of the pictures everyone sent! But,
we ended up with over 500 pictures from Facebook, emails, and texts. We
love all of the photos, but we just couldn't fit them all onto the calendar. A few
pictures were handpicked, but most were randomly selected. Please don't be
offended if we didn't use your picture! We still think your pup is the cutest.

We couldn't use a few of the photos we contacted folks about. There were
issues with file resolution, and they weren't able to be uploaded to the
template. Our apologies! If we contacted you and your pup's pic didn't make
it into the calendar, send us a pic for the next one!

We were unable to put the names of your pupper onto their photo. It made
the calendar very cluttered and hard to read. We wish we could have put the
names on there, especially since you guys are so creative with dog names!

100% of the proceeds of the calendar will be donated to a privately-owned
no-kill animal shelter, which is $5.14 per calendar. You can click
here to view
the invoice to verify the cost. We're completely transparent with the donation
(the only thing redacted is our account and billing information). Once we
officially decide which shelter will receive the donation, we will update
Want to own a calendar of your own? Buy it now! We did a limited run, and
we won't reorder this year. Get yours today! Calendars are $11 each, and
$3 per calendar to ship (you can pick-up from our shop if you don't want to
pay shipping!). If you want more than 3 calendars, let us know and we'll get
you a personalized quote.
Buying Options
*We only ship once a week, usually on Thursdays or Fridays. If you
order after the ship day, your calendar might not go out until the
following week.