Transfer Fee: $42.00* per weapon

*We will hold your gun for three (3) days after it arrives in our shop
and you are notified of it's arrival. If you haven't picked up your gun
within that time, you will be assessed a $10 per day storage fee, on
top of the transfer fee. After 30 days, the gun will be sold to
recuperate storage fees.
FFL Transfers
As with everything else these days, you can really catch good deals
online for gun purchases! In order to buy a gun online, however,
you have to go through a gun store for the transfer. Did you know
it's a Federal crime to have a gun shipped to your home address?
Don't let online sellers tell you they can save you money by shipping
guns right to your home!

The Smoking Gun offers FFL Transfers, and we are the most
affordable option in the area! Don't go somewhere else and pay
more for your purchase.
Transfer Procedure:

1- Find your newest addition and purchase it through the seller.

2- Contact us to let us know you purchased a weapon online, and
that we will be handling the transfer. We will also need an email
address for the seller, so we can send them a copy of our FFL.
You can send us an email
here or you can fill out the form below.

3- Wait (patiently!) for your new gun to come in.

4- Come in to our shop and fill out the paperwork. You will need to
bring your VA Driver's License and a second form of ID that
matches your name and address on your license (utility bill, bank
statement, tax forms, etc.). For those in the military, you must be
stationed in VA on
permanent post orders. You will need a copy
of those orders, along with your home state driver's license and
Military ID card.

5- Enjoy your new toy!
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Effective July 1, 2020, private face-to-face sales of firearms are no
longer permitted without a background check. We will not be
conducting those background checks, as the new law prohibits us
from charging our standard transfer fee. A list of participating dealers
can be found on the Virginia State Police website.