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Unlike that gym membership everyone insists on buying every year but they
never use, you will get your money's worth from a membership to The Smoking
Gun! Check out all of the perks included with a membership:

~ Unlimited range time.

~ Save $5.00 on gun transfers.

~ You can reserve lanes! Only those individuals with memberships can reserve
the range so you don't have to wait for an open space when you come to shoot!

~ Don't feel like cleaning up your brass after you're done? We'll clean it up for
you! (This doesn't apply if you're taking the brass with you to reload)

~ Those members who are retired Law Enforcement, we offer the LEOSA
Nationwide Carry Permit certification and recertification

Members are allowed to shoot shotguns.

6 months - $175.00
1 Year - $350.00

Family (you plus 2 immediate family members - must have ID):

6 months - $250.00
1 Year - $500.00
Tactical Training
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