Private Lessons
You know the old adage you're never too old to learn something new?
That definitely applies to shooting! The Smoking Gun offers private
lessons to our customers to hone your shooting skills. From first time
shooters to people who have been shooting for years, a private lesson
is great for getting you on your way to becoming a marksman!


$35 for 30 minutes


$60 for an hour

Special group pricing is available! Ask us for more details!

What’s Included With the Lesson:

*Lane Fee

*Gun Rental (if needed)

*Hearing & Eye Protection


Lessons are available during the week in the evenings (after 5:00 p.m.)
or on the weekends, instructor schedule permitted. In order to schedule
your lesson, you have to prepay! We can take payment over the
phone, or you can come in and speak with one of our staff members.

Contact us today to learn more or to set up your lessons!
My first handgun was purchased at The Smoking Gun, and Ashley
gave me a lesson to cover the basics and show me how to properly
handle the gun.  In addition to the basic components of breaking down
the firearm, cleaning it, and maintaining it, she gave me a shooting
lesson.  I can honestly say, that lesson was critical to my introduction
to shooting sports, and she taught me well.  If it had not been for her
initial instruction, I would not be enjoying shooting as much as I am
today, just over a year later.  Everything she covered from breathing,
proper finger pad placement on the trigger, proper grip, importance of
controlling the squeeze on each fire, determining my dominant eye,
gaining a sight picture, and the best piece of advice which we have all
heard and often forget "aim small, miss small".  All of these are
lessons which anyone can learn from, regardless of experience level.  
I can say, I have been to camps such as Blackwater, and learned the
exact same techniques there - only at much greater expense.  And I
have witnessed Ashley's ability on the range to this day, and although
I have become quite proud of what I have accomplished with my skill
level, I want no piece of her in a competition - unless she is on my
team, of course.

Ashley and the whole team at The Smoking Gun are the best!!!!!!

Phil Hager