Tactical Training
So, you feel like you've got the basics of target practice down. You've spent
time practicing. You may have even taken a
private lesson or two. But just how
comfortable are you in using your new skill in a life or death situation? What
you do now for practice is good, don't get us wrong, but in a real-life situation,
are both you and your target going to be standing still? Are you going to be
calmly pulling the trigger to defend the lives of you and your loved ones, or will
your adrenaline be pumping so hard that staying calm is the last thing on your

Enter our tactical training course! Previously only available for bodyguards,
The Smoking Gun is now opening this class up to everyone. Bodyguards are
some of the most highly trained group of people that carry guns. Their job
duties are high stress and high risk. Now you can receive the same tactical
training the professionals have.

This tactical course is being offered by Jeff Picchi, the owner of The Smoking
Gun. He has been instructing bodyguards for over 35 years at his security
training school, Security Operation Services, Inc., central Virginia's oldest and
largest security training facility. Jeff has an extensive background in Law
Enforcement and tactical work, having also worked in the bodyguard field for
countless years. He also is a Lifetime Member at Front Sight - one of the most
prestigious tactical firearms training schools in the country.
Our tactical course covers:
- Decision Shooting - shoot/don't shoot scenarios

- Multiple Hostile Targets

- Barricade Shooting

- Rapid Fire Exercises

- Static Shooting Exercises

- And much more! You can check out our
facebook page for videos from
past classes!
Due to space and time restraints, class size is limited! We are
requiring all participants book their place in advance. Visit the
contact us page to reach us via email or phone for registration.
You can also register for the class right here:
Cost: $50.00

*Each participant will also need 150 rounds of ammunition!
This would also make a great gift to the gun enthusiast in your life! We offer
gift certificates for this class, and every other service we offer. Break out of the
boring birthday and holiday routine of gift-giving! This is a gift that will not only
be more enjoyable than the normal gift, it will also teach them a life-saving skill!
Class Schedule for 2021:

February 14



November 1

Classes start at 9:00 a.m., and run until about 1:00 p.m.
(depending on the size of the class)
Class Date: